Gig Dates

2020 Dates

Feb 22nd

Launch of Heart Of The World Folk/World Music Club, Dugdale Theatre, Enfield with Brona MacVittie

Feb 1st

TUATHA EP Launch SET Dalston

Feb 14th

St Valentine’s Day with Rackerjacq (with Racker Donnelly) at Musical Traditions Club

Jan 31st

St Brigid’s Celebration St James Piccadilly with the Irish Pensioners Choir

2019 Dates

Sept 28th

West London Bhuddist Centre Jacquelyn Hynes + JEoin

Sept 6th

“Look Up” Natural History Museum Zory Burner’s Peregrina Enchantica

Aug 10th

Cropredy Festival – Folklaw

Aug 2nd-4th

Bremmen Maritime Festival Folklaw

June 8th

Celtic Caribbean Crossing Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith

March 25th

Irish Elders Culture Office (as Artist in residence) St Patrick’s event

Sept 18th-23rd

World Flutes Festival Argentina

Aug 23-25th

Hofholz Festival – Folklaw

Aug 7

Sidmouth Folk Week Jacquelyn Hynes + Folklaw Anchor – also Folk Flute Workshops (see Festival Programme)

June 23rd

Slaughtered Lamb Jacquelyn Hynes & J.Eoin

May 25th

Folklaw at Fishguard Festival, Wales

March 17th

Evening, Blackthorn, Thames Ditton, Surrey