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“Fine music” The Times

“Haunting and wonderful” The Telegraph                                                             “SILVER AND WOOD”

“Added to the best folk albums of the year is the debut from Jacquelyn Hynes, ‘Silver and Wood’. This talented multi-instrumentalist shows she can play at an ideal tempo, allowing each lovely note, phrase and melody to breathe. A fine debut album.” Telegraph Folk Music ★★★★☆

“Ethereal and other-worldly, but also attractively contemporary”  Irish World

“Full of innovation and imagination … bewitching. ”  Irish Post

“She plays flute the way Ben Webster plays sax – all air and space and breathy urgency.”   Sunday Express

“Solid Celtic folk with many imaginative surprises.” R2 Magazine ★★★★☆

“Jacquelyn Hynes is an eye-opening musician … every fibre of her being is used in making sure that what you hear, you fall hopelessly in admiration with. ” Soundandvision

Album of the Week Radio nan Gaidheal, Caithream Ciuil BBC Radio Scotland.

 Silver and Wood by Jacquelyn HynesPhoto: Solene Solange, Artwork: Rob Bird

Available through Hobgoblin Music here.


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